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Training Services

Conflict-Free Behavior Training

Our systematic approach to training is grounded in a fundamental belief in Conflict-Free Behavior Training. We offer a Board & Train program conducted at our facility or Private Sessions in the comfort of your home. We are dedicated to helping dog owners develop relationships with their dogs that don't rely on the ongoing management of traditional obedience training.


Life Skills Boarding & Training

Our Life Skills Boarding & Training program is a 28-day course where your dog will be trained multiple times per day in essential Life Skills. Your pet will come to live with us as we help guide it to being able to make family-friendly choices with its behavior.  Topics covered include establishing the foundational teaching of Loose Leash Walking, Door Manners, Food Manners, Jumping, Polite Greetings, and a "Come" cue. 

*Duration- 28 days

*Fee- 32,000 (Includes 3 Transition Sessions, Free Pick Up/Delivery & reduced rate for Private Sessions)


Private In-Home Training

​In-Home Training: Sessions conducted in your own home!

The benefit of in-home training is the one on one attention given to you and your relationship with your dog.  We will come to you to work on behaviors with you and your pup directly. 

You will learn how to create a lasting positive bond with your dog by communicating effectively and teaching basic life skills. 

After each session, we will outline some exercises to work on before your next session!  


*Duration- 1.5 Hours

*Fee- 1,500 Initial Evaluation 

           1,700 Private Sessions

           Package Rates Available

*No Additional Charge for Travel

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